Wedding Poem - Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

by Kit McCallum

Cherished are the memories that

Brought us to this day,

For yesterday, was just a dream ...

A wish to contemplate.

A fantasy where in my mind,

A fleeting glimpse I'd see ...

A vision of the true desires

I longed for endlessly.

And when I dreamed, I did not know

The love I'd feel today;

The height of my true feelings,

And the depths they would portray.

And if I had one wish today,

A simple wish t'would be ...

Is that the love we feel this moment,

Lasts eternally.

Reality has merged now

As you stand here by my side;

And as I join your hand in mine,

My heart does fill with pride.

For as I pledge my love to you,

I see in many ways,

Reflections of my love for you

Are mirrored in your gaze.

And by our presence here today,

And for the love we share,

I thank you for our yesterdays

That brought us to be here.

But more than this, I vow to you,

My wishes yet to come ...

Tomorrow's dreams and fantasies,

This day that we are one.

Tomorrow's an adventure

That we'll share together now;

Our future's intertwined forever,

Through this holy vow.

I promise to remember

In the future years and days,

The love I feel for you this moment ...

... Dreams fulfilled today.

For in the coming years as we

Move on, and reminisce,

Back to the day I stood with you

And promised with a kiss ...

That blessed are the days that

I have looked into your eyes,

And felt the warmth and love reflect,

The essence of our lives.


Yesterday we dreamed of what might be;

Today we validate our love;

And tomorrow we will cherish the life we have shared as


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